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Leratong Hospital has implemented Covid-19 screening programme to everyone who enters their

As part of their responsibility as a health facility they need to make sure that everyone who enters Leratong hospital is safe.

They are continuously practicing (I.C.P) Infection Control Practices by
making sure that everyone who enters their facility is screened and sanitized.Screening entails a brief questionnaire about your travel history and the second part of it is to find out if you have any physical Covid-19 symptoms.

The hospital started this initiative just after the World Health Organization declared Covid-19 a pandemic. They started this initiative to ensure that they contribute in flattening the curve as soon as possible.

Among the nurses who were conducting screening at the main entrance was an Infection Control Nurse who was constantly advising people and patients to not enter the hospital with their personal protection face masks as they are not able to verify as to how long has those masks been in use and if they are
contaminated or not. The biggest prevention of contracting the virus is social distancing and mask can
also be dangerous too and put one in more risk of getting infected as masks can easily be used to transmit
the virus is used for over a week.

“Leratong health workers energies are focused more on making sure that everything that relate to Covid-
19 is covered. We are continuing as normal it’s just that our energies are doubled, our efforts are
doubled and ordinarily we wouldn’t be having the amount of staff you saw at the gate. The usage and
demand of our supplies has doubled; however, we have no shortage of supplies in the meantime.”

Mrs. Oyekanmi confirmed that the hospital has sufficient supplies even though the demand has drastically
increased since the inception of Covid-19. She further confirmed that they don’t have any challenges with
regards to the supply chain for PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and sanitizers as they are in constant
communication with the health district services.

They have daily reports sent to the district and among those reports they notify the district with what is currently in high demand and the district assist them with those
requests timely and accordingly.

Mrs. Oyekanmi said that Leratong hospital has no confirmed cases of Covid-19 as yet. She further proceeds
to inform us that the decision was made from the Health Minister Zweli Mkhize’s office that all the information regarding Covid-19 has be to centralized to avoid giving
citizens pockets of information and that the ministry will be responsible for communicating confirmed cases and areas were deaths had occurred due to Covid-19.

Mrs.Oyekanmi then gave advice to people who do not take the Covid-19 situation serious and said;

“You may not take it seriously for yourself because of whatever reasons but remember this is not a
disease that just affects you. Your carelessness affects other people, so even if you don’t care for yourself
look at people who still want to live long and want to still be healthy. Just from that point of view we
encourage people to take care of themselves, they should stick to the rules that have been set, the
boundaries that have been set, because this unfortunately is not about an individual and your actions
affects the next person.”