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Dinner With Bantu – NAF2014 Debut Reviewed


“Dinner with Bantu”

By: Tebogo Mathodlana


It is in a theatrical play that one discovers the nation’s grief from the bloodshed… This historical glitch was dramatically expressed by the Dinner with Bantu cast. The audience’s emotional wounds were sprinkled with a pinch of salt by, Xolisa Ngubelanga.

dinner with bantu








Emotionally scored by a clarinetist, the play opens with a scene of Nelson preparing a table for two and is seen waiting impatiently for his beacon of hope, father of Black Consciousness, Stephen Bantu Biko. Along comes Chris Hani (played by Thembisile) who according to history was betrayed by an elite person. He constantly reminds Nelson of the reason why they fought for freedom and democracy by insisting him to share the benefits/rewards of a free and democratic country with nation.

dinner with bantu








Nelson, possessed by the spell of freedom, disregards Thembisile’s requests and eventually ditches him out his house. The desperate Hani pleads for his mercy but yet to be disregarded by the arrogant Nelson. In the glimpse of a moment, the ghost of Bantu began haunting Nelson and he shows signs of weakness and cannot fight his consciousness.

dinner with bantu








The rest of the play shows how portrays how the leader of Umkhonto we Sizwe, Father of the Nation and a Nobel Prize Winner, slowly fading and walking his short journey to his place of rest. He has his people. Thembisile deserted Nelson, Bantu never makes it to the Dinner, Nelson is again left alone, haunted by his conscious.

Audience -”This play is not for the faint at heart”

Audience – “it’s about time the world found out”




















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Photography By: Tebogo Mathodlana

Sound Cloud Edit by: SeRai West (@SeRaiWest)


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