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We are proud to announce that one of the world renowned dance music record label, Deeper Shades Recordings has joined forces with us to bring you the best house music show you have come across and perhaps have been longing for to jam on your radio. Yes you guessed it right, the Deeper Shades Of House will be live every Saturdays at 9PM (CAT) only on the hottest frequency 98.9Mhz.

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Deeper Shades Recordings

Westside FM and Deepershades Records has embarked on a journey not only is groundbreaking for our shores but historical to the House Music community and the masses of the West Rand.

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Deeper Shades Of House (DSOH) is a weekly radio show mixed and presented by Lars Behrenroth. Predominantly based around Lars’ personal definition of anything that’s deep, the show features new and classic house music as well as hour long exclusive guest mixes by international DJs like Osunlade, Black Coffee, Louie Vega, Soul Clap, Jimpster and many more.

Lars Behrenroth DSOH

Lars Behrenroth

The first US edition of Deeper Shades Of House was aired July 4th, 2003 on US nationwide XM Satellite Radio – The Move and was initially a syndicated version of Lars’ weekly radio show broadcasted on the German radio station JAM FM (aired first on June 8th, 02) in English language.

A whopping total of over 450 shows have been aired almost every week in the last 12 years. Since the end of 2006 the first hour of each show is available as a very successful podcast (approximately 4,2 million downloads to date) while the entire show is syndicated on 30+ stations worldwide since October 2007. Only 2 community radio stations in South Africa are broadcasting live to the mass who have caught Lars’ zeal of broadcasting of a wide, exclusive and jam-packed range of house music freely through frequency modulator (FM) mediums and which Westside FM is one this side of town.

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One of Lars Behrenroth’s focus is to present music and mixes by anyone whose passion allows them to create quality, whether they’ve been in the business for decades or just started yesterday, whether they’re household names or nobody has ever heard of them before.  We are extremely stoked and over the moon for the journey that we are about to hop on with you Lars. Music is indeed a global language. Welcome to the West!



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